The Price Of Risotto May Soon Skyrocket. Here's Why

Jul 26, 2022 339

BY: Arianna Endicott

If you're craving a creamy, Italian comfort food dish, risotto is the way to go. The dish is made from short-grain rice, which is consistently stirred while broth or stock is gradually added. Common additions include mushrooms, onion, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. Risotto first appeared sometime in the 14th century, when rice was introduced to Italy and Spain (per Trip Trivia).

Italy proved to be the perfect growing grounds for short-grain rice, and it quickly became a primary food source for the country. Rice shoots grow in water, and need to be submerged about five inches deep, states California Rice. If the water is lower than five inches, or dries up completely, the rice plants may not get the nutrients and sunlight they need; high temperatures and reduced rainfall can create a drought, causing devastating effects for crops.

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