Postcards from Italy: A Delicious Slice of Italian Life

May 23, 2022 472

After 24 hours of flights and bus rides, Cohorts 10 and 11 of the Lee Business School’s Global Entrepreneurship Program finally stepped foot into Reggio Emilia, a beautiful city in northern Italy. The two days of visiting varying local businesses and roaming the streets in search of the perfect pizza were topped off with surreal blue skies and the beaming sun. 

Upon arrival, we ate dinner together at Ostello Della Ghiara – a student hostel located in the heart of the city connected to the Basilica della Ghiara, a church built in the early 1600s.  With a stunning view, we were served a multiple-course homemade meal of authentic dishes from Reggio Emilia, including spinach tortellini, cannolis and erbazzone, a savory pie typically served in the summertime. 

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