Pomodoro Siccagno and the Past and Future of Food Preservation Traditions in Sicily

Mar 14, 2022 490


It is February in Florence—the nighttime temperatures hover around freezing, the daytime skies are overcast, the cold wind coming off the Arno hurries along tourists who would otherwise stop to take a photo of the Ponte Vecchio, and the only warm room in my apartment is the kitchen. But it is also August in Sicily—I have traveled there via a single spoonful of tomato paste, the concentrated essence of the island’s summer sunshine. 

From the small space where I spend my winter days warming myself while waiting for a moka pot to spout coffee, I am transported to another time and place where heat radiates not from my stovetop, but from the cobblestones of the courtyard at the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in central Sicily. 

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SOURCE: https://lifeandthyme.com/

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