Planckian, here are the made-in-Italy batteries with quantum technology

Jun 28, 2023 981

Planckian, the world's first company engaged in the development of the quantum battery technology concept, today announced the closing of a pre-seed investment round of more than 2.7 million euros. Planckian is the first joint spin-off of the University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore. Development activities are led by Marco Polini and Vittorio Giovannetti, experts in condensed matter physics and quantum information theory.

Quantum batteries are a new class of devices that can exploit quantum physical effects to manage energy radically more efficiently. Planckian is making pioneering contributions to the development of this research field through the development of innovative energy control technologies based on qubit architectures.

Qubits are the fundamental units of quantum technologies. Planckian's technology marks the first step in a long journey toward the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly energy management technologies, as they are capable of operating on the basis of physical principles in place of traditional electrochemical principles.

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