Peposo, The Dish Chosen by Brunelleschi

Sep 26, 2022 370


Peposo is a typical dish of Tuscany, a region rich in artistic and natural treasures, but also in unique products, and genuine and tasty cuisine. Thanks to the fertility of the territory, the culture, and gastronomic traditions, this land is teeming with recipes that for centuries have become a real birthright of the Bel Paese.

With the authentic flavors, they preserve this culinary history and its stories. The Peposo, among these, has a very particular history. This sort of stew was born exactly in Impruneta — a municipality on the outskirts of Florence well known for the terracotta industry since the Middle Ages. Here were the factories and famous furnaces where bricks were baked and used in the construction of the dome of the Duomo of Florence.

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