In News We Needed, a Castle in Italy Has Braille Etched in the Railing That Describes the View

Sep 13, 2021 394

BY: Lauren Harano

In news we need more of, a railing at the top of a castle in Naples, Italy, is going viral, and it's not just because it's a medieval fortress. The 14th century Castel Sant'Elmo is located on Vomero Hill, and it features sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Vesuvius. Attached to a wall on the castle that overlooks the land, a 92-foot-long railing featuring Braille can be found, and it describes the view to those who are visually impaired.

Italian artist Paolo Puddu created the rail as an art installation for the castle in 2015, which he named 'Follow the Shape.' According to Leisure Italy, "This young Neapolitan artist [Puddu] created a tactile experience different from the visual one by using the Braille writing system to 'describe' Naples landscape and reveal the unseen to blind people."

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