The new sound of the Italian supercar

Aug 25, 2021 558

BY: Ewout Kieckens

“No customer or dealer has ever asked us to make a hybrid or electric car,” says Horacio Pagani. He is the man behind and the namesake of one of the world’s most exclusive supercars (starting at €3.5 million, excluding VAT). “But developments are moving fast. That’s why we’ve launched a project that should lead to an all-electric car. We think we can present the first model in 2025. But we have time,” Pagani told us during our visit to Pagani’s headquarters near Modena in central Italy.

Modena is in the center of an area of the province of Emilia-Romagna called “Motor Valley,” home of the most important supercars in the world. Here Ferrari was born, here are the roots of Lamborghini, here is the cradle of Maserati. Ducati, the Ferrari of the motorcycle, also comes from Motor Valley.

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