The new Alfa Romeo Giulia is all Italian

Sep 04, 2017 893

BY: Craig and Deanne Conover

It’s at times like our week with the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, when dreams really become reality; it becomes very apparent that test-driving new cars has been one of the greatest adventures we have embarked on in our lives. This new addition to the Fiat Chrysler family, straight out of Italy is a work of art on wheels!

Now we have driven our share of German cars over the years in fact we had a new BMW 530i parked in the driveway the same week we had the new Giulia, and still we were drawn to drive the Alpha Romeo. The BMW was loaded with tons more technology and comfort eclipsing the smaller Alpha by almost $30,000, still the look and driving experience in the new Alpha Romeo kept us coming back for more day after day!

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