Neapolitan Music

Dec 14, 2018 546

From the 15th century until today Neapolitan music has positively evolved, been preserved and also mixed into modern styles. In the 50s, with the American influence of jazz and boogie music, new styles were formed and embraced by the artists of the time. One of the first artists to bring Neapolitan music to the larger Italian public was Renato Carosone.  If you’re talking about the story of Italian music one personality to remember is Renato.

During WWII, US troops piled into Naples and Renato’s success excelled with blendings of boogie-woogie and jazz with his native music. His first band, the “Trio Carosone,” was the start of a career that allowed his songs to be played in the best festivals in the world. Songs as “Tu vo fa’ L’Americano,” and “O Sarracino.” His style was a mix of swing, jazz, boogie, and traditional Neapolitan.

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