Napoli is the top art city on Tik Tok with 17 billion views

Jan 26, 2023 239

With more than 17 billion views Naples is the most clicked Italian art city on Tik Tok, followed by Rome with 11 billion and Milan with 7.5 billion. Florence with 1 billion views and Venice with about 980 million. Data released by the Identity Cities Foundation confirm the boom in tourism in the Campania capital.

"It is no coincidence that our country is one of the excellences in terms of cultural tourism," says Edoardo Sylos Labini, president of the Identity Cities Foundation and creator of the Culture Identity movement. "Italy is a hub of wealth in both natural and artistic terms that, however, must be promoted to the fullest; to do so, it is essential to start again from the villages."

"As a foundation and a reality strongly rooted in the territory, thanks to the adhesion of the nearly 8,000 Italian municipalities, we promote the history, art and culture of Made in Italy - explains Sylos Labini - with a contemporary language, applied to a circuit of events and festivals, we tell the story of the smallest Italy, the most beautiful one, which today represents about 70 percent of the state."

But the tourism boom in Naples does not stop at Tik Tok. even on Instagram the numbers give the dimension of a great attention of the social public to the city. Here Naples ranks third. Italian art cities have become viral trends on social: on Instagram, the 3 most popular cultural cities are Milan, where #milano has about 39 million contents; Rome, with 36 million posts published; and Naples with 21 million. Off the podium Florence with 12 million contents and Venice with almost 11 million.

The data confirm the boom in cultural tourism in Europe, with a forecast of 12 billion in revenue by 2028, with Italy and Germany leading the market. Research conducted for the Identity Cities Foundation confirms that one of the main drivers of the global tourism industry is precisely culture: according to the GlobeNewswire portal, the sector will reach $12 billion in revenue by 2028, after approaching $5 billion in 2021. The Old Continent generates half of the total revenue thanks to the presence of museums, villages and unique attractions in the territory; in particular, our country focuses on enhancing the beauty of cultural heritage with targeted and effective activities such as festivals, awards and educational initiatives.

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