The mystical miracle of San Gennaro in Naples

Sep 21, 2021 337

BY: Paolo Melissi

San Gennaro is an important part of the history, tradition and religion of Naples. The patron saint of the gulf cit, in fact, is historically connected to the town in a very profound way, and it represents a myth whose importance is renewed every year over and over again, especially in occasion of the miraculous melting of his blood, the 19th of September, which has been preserved for centuries inside the Duomo of Naples.

The mystery of the miracle of San Gennaro in Naples is contained in two vials located inside a round display case, provided with a handle which makes it easy to move around. One of the vials, the smaller one, contains only a few drops, the bigger one, on the other hand, is almost full of this “unknown substance”. 

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