The most beautiful street art villages in Veneto

Nov 15, 2021 196

Street art in Veneto has redeveloped, bringing joy and colour, the peripheral areas of big cities, such as Padua, the center of small villages, including Cibiana di Cadore, parks and roadsides. In this article we have collected for you the most significant places where you can admire the works of urban art in this region. You will find works by young artists from Veneto, but also more famous names, such as the English writer Banksy. An itinerary along the villages and cities that wanted to give voice to young talents to enhance their territories.

The coloured village of Cibiana di Cadore

In the heart of the Dolomites, at an altitude of almost one thousand meters, lies the small village of Cibiana di Cadore, a town of just 450 inhabitants. Protected by its high peaks and far from the more mundane tourism of nearby Cortina d'Ampezzo, in Cibiana you can still breathe the air of a real place, of simple people, where the passion for mountain life has never waned. 

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