Mortadella : the queen of Bologna

Jun 10, 2022 806

Mortadella is so soft and silky to the palate with a lovely pink color and a very good smell. For that reason it’s not possible to not love it!  But for most of Italians Mortadella sandwich is something more. It is a childhood memory, a school snack or a typical sandwich to be enjoyed during a picnic with friends.

As the name suggest, Mortadella was for sure born in Bologna, the main city of Emilia Romagna region. Emilia Romagna has a very long tradition of breeding pig. Around  the VI century a.C in the beginning of the Medieval Times, after the end of the Western Roman Empire, Longobardi comes in the north of Italy. The invasion involved  Emilia Romagna too. In fact, Longobardi conquered Emilia (north of the region) while the Romagna remain under the control of the Byzantines (Eastern Roman Empire).

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