Monza, the Grand Prix of records: 100 years of history, frecce tricolori, Metaverse and 350 thousand spectators

Sep 10, 2022 561

It will be the Grand Prix of records, that of the 100-year history of the circuit, which is the oldest still in use, and of the 350,000 spectators who had never been seen here. Built in 1922 in just 110 days, the Autodromo di Monza is one of the longest-running in the F1 calendar: Monza was the third permanent facility built in order of time after those of Brooklands in England and Indianapolis in the US.

To celebrate the importance of the event for Italy, there will be President Sergio Mattarella in the stands on Sunday, while the Anthem of Mameli will be entrusted to the voice of Andrea Bocelli. There will be no shortage of excitement from the tricolor arrows on the straight, this year also flanked by the passage of Ita Airways' new Airbus A350 dedicated to Enzo Ferrari.

Although 100 years old, the temple of speed knows how to speak to young people and is the first circuit to enter the Metaverse. In addition to the track race, there will be a virtual competition on Sunday that everyone can take part in from their smartphone or Pc.

There will be not only the race, but also entertainment for the public in the area of 40 thousand square meters. For three days, Italian and international artists will perform here, taking turns in live musical performances on the podium, which will be broadcast inside the entire Autodrome from big screens along the track.

The celebrations for a century of life at the Monza Autodrome are also enhanced by a stamp valid for ordinary mail direct to Italy. The stamp's vignette depicts a race phase of the 2nd Italian Grand Prix, held on September 10, 1922 precisely at Monza.

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