Modena’s “Motor Valley” pulls ahead on car components exports thanks to strong luxury demand

Apr 17, 2015 1000

by Natascia Ronchetti

The Modena-based auto business -- that galaxy of companies that revolves around top brands Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani -- is soaring, with an increase in revenues of 7.4% in 2014. It reached a turnover of €2.5 billion and is pulling ahead of the Piedmontese companies clustered around Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Turin, which saw an increase of 3.2%.

In the province of Modena - the heart of a "Motor Valley" that includes even that of Bologna, where Lamborghini stands out at just a handful of kilometres away - the recovery is driven by a growing demand for luxury cars that confirms the primacy of this area of Emilia Romagna in this sector (in Italy and in Europe).

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Fonte: Italy24


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