The Mayor of Genoa Bucci writes to the American revisionist mayors

Mar 30, 2022 1313

The Mayor of Genova Marco Bucci says enough is enough and is pushing back on cancel culture. In a recently published article in il Secolo XIX, the Genovese newspaper, Bucci expressed his disappointment in American mayors, especially in that of Genova's Sister City, Columbus, Ohio, who have removed Christopher Columbus statues in their cities. Bucci has written personal letters to the revisionist mayors.

In the article, Bucci states, "It is totally unacceptable and I will not give into the cancel culture, especially when it concerns one of our illustrious fellow citizens." In addition, the City of Genova, in collaboration with the Fondazione Casa America, will be financing a learning center at Palazzo Ducale in Genova, dedicated to Christopher Columbus. The center will be a place for dialogue, exhibits, events and a place to view digital archives related to Columbus and his expeditions.


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