Living a life in colour: Basilicata

Dec 04, 2018 450

The region of Basilicata was known in Roman times as Lucania – a name some residents still use today. Basilicata is in southern Italy and sits between the boot’s ‘toe and heel’, with Puglia to its north, the Ionian Sea to the south-east, Calabria to the south and southern Campania to the west. 

Basilicata may be a small region, but its landscape is diverse, ranging from the eroded hills called ‘Calanchi‘ in the Matera area (where the Sassi, ancient cave dwellings, are a World Heritage Site), to the higher mountains of the interior and the coastal beaches. Basilicata may be sandwiched between the two principal regions of mainland southern Italy – Calabria and Puglia, but it has retained its own cultural identity. Summers are very hot here, but the National Park of the Pollino, located in the central mountainous area, is popular with tourists wanting a respite from the heat. Medieval castles, including those built by Federico II, are important cultural monuments.

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