Knocking on Italy’s door: Spotlight on Basilicata’s local identity

Dec 26, 2018 742

BY: Francesca Bezzone

A beautiful article appeared a while back on the renowned pages of the New York Times. It was an incredibly entertaining and informative account of the author’s voyage to one of Italy least known corner, Basilicata, a region mostly associated to the ageless Matera, UNESCO Heritage Site, vivid cinematographic set - it’s the town appearing in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and L’Uomo delle Stelle by Giuseppe Tornatore - and soon-to-be European Capital of Culture. 

Well, in this charming piece, two things strike incredibly the reader: the first, of course, is the beauty of the land explored; the second is how its people appear not to be particularly pleased by the extra attention - and touristic influx - brought by the region’s more than justified, but rather sudden, popularity. There is a lot to discuss, here, so it’s better to get going. 

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