It's White Truffle Season!

Nov 08, 2019 324

Each year culinary connoisseurs convene in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy to honor the white truffle. This rare and very expensive type of mushroom is only available for a few months. From townies to top chefs, autumn is the season to celebrate a gastronomic treasure which, when shaved over a dish, transforms it into quite the luxury item.

Now through November 24, the International Alba White Truffle Fair is one of Italy’s longest-running festivals, celebrating its 89th birthday this year. Held in the old town of Alba, a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, the Fair initially focused on the food and wine of the region but then expanded to include immersive experiences and cultural events. Every Saturday and Sunday, the White Truffle World Market buzzes with exhibitors, purveyors, chefs and local wineries.

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