Itinerary in Rome: discovering the capital

Sep 03, 2021 247

BY: Paolo Melissi

Rome is an immense, multifaceted, grandiose capital city. Perhaps the only real metropolis among Italian cities. For an on the road trip, starting from a photo catching a glimpse of the Isola Tiberina, embarking on a cross-cutting route, rather than the architectural grandeur that tells the story and the glories, exploring the most fascinating and evocative city. Italian Traditions shows you an itinerary in Rome dedicated to the discovery of the most hidden beauties of this enchanting city.

Itinerary in Rome: walking around the center

Our itinerary in Rome starts from the Isola Tiberina, the heart of Rome, which is connected to the two banks by the Ponte Cestio and Ponte Fabricio. Legend has it that it arose from the sheaves of wheat that were harvested in Campo Marzio, a place of extraordinary beauty: a ship surrounded by the waters of the Tiber on which once stood the ancient Temple of Aesculapius, the god of medicine – where now the church of San Bartolomeo is visible – along with other sacred structures.

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