Italy launches "Italian Knowledge Leaders" to push conference tourism in Italy and enhance Italian academic excellence

Nov 20, 2021 520

Italy can count on a very high number of Opinion Leaders who, thanks to their ability, experience and willingness to represent their respective professional communities, have reached prestigious positions within their respective international associations: it is to them that we owe our country's leadership in many scientific and professional areas.

At the same time, these figures are the main protagonists of a further opportunity of economic and cultural growth for the whole country; an opportunity represented by all those international events and congresses that - thanks to their reputation - Italy has the possibility to win; provided, however, that they are adequately supported by an entire system composed of institutions and operators in the events sector.

According to a preliminary research carried out by CBItalia and ENIT, Italy ranks 6th worldwide for "available intellectual capital", i.e. for the number of opinion leaders actively involved in the decision-making bodies of international professional and scientific associations. We are talking about about 3,500 high-level profiles, of which 100 in positions of President or Chairperson, which Italian Knowledge Leaders aims to support.

The Mice Industry (an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions) has always based its action on values such as collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge, aimed at creating a virtuous connection between scientific progress and the economic and social fallout that association conferences are able to generate in order to promote a knowledge-based society.

Italian Knowledge Leaders, is a project created thanks to the will of ENIT and CBItalia, with the aim of assigning Italian excellence in the academic and scientific fields recognition as ambassadors of Italy's intellectual capital, for the quality and continuity of their commitment, also with the aim of increasing the number of prestigious international conferences held in Italy. And that's not all: Italian Knowledge Leaders will seek to bring out new 'intellectual leaders', encouraging and supporting them in greater activity at the international level to contribute to the promotion of Italy as a 'destination of knowledge' and, consequently, of the future.

With Italian Knowledge Leaders we intend to start a process that will put in place the structured support of Italian institutions, destinations and private companies operating in the Meeting Industry in favor of Italian 'knowledge leaders'. The project provides support for the bidding process of major international conferences, particularly those associations, which are a driving force in the promotion and development of "Knowledge Destinations", whether nations, cities or regions, thanks to the undisputed economic, social and cultural impact.



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