Italy invests in the US: Italy's E.M.A.R.C. spa launches joint venture manufactur

Oct 09, 2013 1719

Italy's E.M.A.R.C. SpA headquarted in Piemonte, Italy recently announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with its US partner, Vari-Form. The new agreement increases manufacturing footprints for E.M.A.R.C. in North America and Vari-Form in Europe. Going forward, both companies will offer locally-available advanced technologies - hydroforming, roll forming and aluminum stretch bending - for the benefit of automotive OE manufacturers and Tier suppliers worldwide. By creating infrastructure for making parts, this increased manufacturing footprint is a timely response to recent business development successes of the US partner, Vari-Form.

E.M.A.R.C., the Italian participant, will locate a manufacturing operation in North America, expanding roll forming and stretch bending business there for steel and aluminum components.While Vari-Form, the North American participant, will establish a manufacturing presence in Europe, focusing on growing hydroforming business. The joint venture will also bring new lightweighting technologies to Europe and North America, offering proven solutions for reducing vehicle weight while maintaining superior structural performance. Both companies manufacture parts with the gauge, form and strength needed to produce vehicles that deliver increased fuel efficiency.

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