Italians' 'hunger for holidays' back to pre-COVD levels

May 19, 2022 94

The Italian public's propensity to go on holiday has returned to the pre-pandemic level of 67 points on a scale of 1 to 100, according to the results of a study released on Monday. The survey, conducted by the 'observatory' research unit of retail association Confcommercio and tourism association Confcommercio, said 23 million people in Italy aged 18 to 74 intend to take a vacation this summer.

It added, however, that the outlook was characterized by "volatility". It said only four in 10 of the 23 million intent on going on holiday have booked. The survey said 85% of the holidaymakers will stay in Italy, with six out of 10 of those going to a different region.

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