Italian startups fly toward billion-dollar quota

Jul 28, 2022 241

Hand in hand with development and innovation are growing investments in Italian startups. The latest data speak of a growing involvement of venture capital, during the first half of the year the amount invested in startups increased, reaching a total of 957 million euros, more than doubling in a single year (123%).

This increase was mainly due to Italian investors, who contributed a total of 671 million. The remaining 286 came from foreign funds, together they finalized 161 rounds, registering a 14 percent increase when compared to 2021. While investments in Italian realities are on the rise, there is a decline in investments in realities founded by Italian entrepreneurs abroad, which fell from 379 million to 176, for a total of 11 deals, in line with the previous year.

However, the total tally is positive; in fact, adding the two factors together, venture capital operations increase by 12 percent, rising to a total of 172, for a total amount of 1.1 billion euros in the six-month period.

Innocenzo Cipolletta president of Aifi, the Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt, commented on the thriving period for Italian startups: "The Italian economy is financing innovation and I believe we will get a year of good results, the surprising numbers show how innovation is essential to allow the economy to move forward, even and especially in times of crisis, the results bring Italy closer to the size of other countries, although we still have a way to go."

And that's not all. In fact, Cipolletta continues, "The data also show that domestic startups have all the characteristics to become the great companies of the future given that in just six months nearly a billion has been invested in Italian ones."

In line with previous years, the primacy for Initial received investments belongs to Lombardy. There are in fact 59, or 38 percent of the market, followed by Lazio (14 percent) and Piedmont (9 percent). The most funded sector is ICT with 40 percent, followed by Fintech with 10 percent and Healthcare with 8 percent.

SOURCE: Millionaire

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