Italian Innovators: From Naples to Milan. The Birth of Alfa Romeo

Sep 02, 2022 254

BY: Luca Cottini

Dear Friends of Italian Innovators, I begin the 5th season of the show with a new episode dedicated to the Neapolitan entrepreneur Nicola Romeo, who gave his name and vision to the car company Alfa Romeo and spearheaded the project of bringing car manufacturing to the South of Italy (an idea that would find expression only after his death, in the postwar years).

Starting from his early years in the periphery of Naples, I reconstruct his extraordinary entrepreneurial journey, which brought him from Liege (Belgium) to Milan, from railroad tracks and air compressors to automobiles. And what a legendary brand Alfa Romeo would become over the 20th century! Here is his story.

The road to Naples. From the periphery to the big city, from poverty to education. The formation as civil engineer and the start of #business (air compressors, train tracks). The great war and the great occasion. The acquisition of the automobile company Alfa. Alfa Romeo: the growth of the company, the creation of a legend. The dream to manufacture automobiles in Southern Italy. The factory of Pomigliano d'Arco. The legacy of Alfa Romeo: speed, power, and elegance. The secret of successful #entrepreneurship (find out at the end of the video!).

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SOURCE: Italian Innovators

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