Italian American entrepreneurs donate $25,000 to Messina to save Ukrainian children

Apr 13, 2022 605

Twenty-five thousand dollars to save 118 Ukrainians, including many children. This is the gesture of two Italian-American entrepreneurs, Tony Di Piazza and Joe Ficalora, who donated this amount to the Orthodox Community of Messina of Father Giovanni Amante to go to the border and help these children. To coordinate everything the community of Father Amante that already in recent weeks has committed itself to give aid to refugees with various initiatives.

"We welcome with joy this spontaneous gesture - explains Father Amante - by two benefactors who are passionate about the activities of the Community and the Association Ark Without Borders. Now we will take action to organize the trip and be able to make this gesture of humanity."

Tony Di Piazza is known for his attachment to his origins, he has never really left his homeland from which he left when he was eight years old to follow his father, a bricklayer who found his fortune in New York. Today he has a multi-million dollar turnover, several properties between New York and Florida and his mission is to pass on the Italian culture to the new generations of emigrants' children.

He has a great passion for soccer, he has been the owner of Palermo Calcio, he has always had great sensitivity towards the hardships of minors. In the past he has even offered 50 thousand dollars for those who could give useful information on the story of little Denice, the little girl disappeared in Mazara del Vallo, in 2004, and never found again. Even Joseph Ficalora (now 75 years old), a well-known banker in New York, an Italian-American of Sicilian origin born and raised in Corona, Queens, has never turned his back on solidarity initiatives. Just two years ago he donated $50,000 to the Bronte hospital to upgrade the emergency room against Covid-19, with a ventilator and other equipment.

Both Tony Di Piazza and Joe Ficalora are heads of the Associazione culturale italiana di New York that has already sent additional aid to Ukraine. Today they have committed themselves to a further donation, up to 37 thousand and 500 dollars to support the costs of three buses that from Ukraine should arrive in Italy.

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