ITA, the first aircraft with the new blue livery is named after Paolo Rossi

Dec 19, 2021 599

The airline has announced that it has chosen to name the Airbus A320, which will enter the fleet in a few weeks, after the former footballer. The other new aircrafts will also have the names of the "greatest Italian sportsmen, ambassadors in the world of professionalism, determination, strength, passion and determination".

Paolo Rossi - top scorer at the World Cup in Spain, 1982 World Champion, Ballon d'Or and popular icon who passed away on December 9, 2020 - is a "sportsman who transformed his difficulties into one of the most beautiful stories of Italian sport," Ita said, motivating its choice.

The new livery, the airline recalled, is characterized by the color blue, chosen as a symbol of unity, cohesion and pride of the country and representative of sport and the Italian national team. On the rudder there will be the tricolor, on the blue background the gold, white and red logo of Ita Airways and stylized icons inspired by the national artistic heritage. Ita has made it known that it will be "the fans of its social networks to choose the names of the champions to whom the next aircraft with the new livery will be named".

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