IAP 201: Requiem for a National Airline: Saying Arrivederci to Alitalia

Sep 15, 2021 666

BY: Stephanie Longo

If you’ve visited Italy at some point in the last 75 years, and if you arrived in ‘il Bel Paese’ by air, chances are you’ve traveled with Alitalia, which has been the official Italian national airline since 1947. And, if you’re like co-hosts Rossella, John, and Pat, you’ve got countless memories of returning to the Motherland “Italian Style” aboard this legendary airline. But, as of October 15, the famed carrier will be no more.

After decades of financial difficulties, and numerous near misses on the executioner’s block, Alitalia’s world recognized green-white-and-red livery will descend from the skies one last time, and then pass quietly into memory. Sure, it’ll be replaced by a new Italian flag carrier called ITA, but for thousands of Italian American families, Alitalia will always be remembered as the airline that brought them and their ancestors to a new life in the New wWorld, or carried them and their offspring back to the old country in its quintessentially Italian way.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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