Hon. Christian Di Sanzo presents the exhibition "Mother Cabrini and the Pilgrim Angels" featuring the works of master Meo Carbone

Jan 24, 2024 859

At the Italian House of Representatives, thanks to the work of the Hon. Di Sanzo, elected in North and Central America, the exhibition "Mother Cabrini and the Pilgrim Angels," concerning the figure of St. Francesca Cabrini in the history of Italian emigration, especially in the United States, will be set up in the Cenacolo Room at the Vicolo Valdina Complex. 

The exhibition, based on the works of artist Meo Carbone, a well-known artist among the Italian Community in Chicago, traces, through the artist's works, Mother Cabrini's historical and value experience alongside Italian migrants in the United States, alongside those people who, once in America, encountered great suffering and difficulties, starting with racial discrimination. 

"Mother Cabrini's story," said Hon. Christian Di Sanzo, "is first and foremost, a story of emigration to the Americas and in particular to the United States, where her commitment to help Italians who were in difficulty helped so many emigrants, providing, in addition to assistance, real help for their integration, thanks to language courses, bureaucratic assistance and correspondence with their families of origin. Her work for the promotion of human dignity, her continuous fight against the discrimination Italians faced, and her commitment to improving the conditions of Italian women left a deep imprint on the Italian-American community. Thanks to Mother Cabrini's action, many Italian immigrant women began to become aware of their role and become protagonists in their own right in society."

Master Carbone has been engaged in painting since the age of 14, displaying his talent from an early age. This talent he has expressed uninterruptedly throughout his life, between Italy and the United States, where he has exhibited in numerous prestigious venues including the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art. In addition, he has created an artistic series on indigenous American peoples that has led him to confront the American cultural context while always keeping in mind the Italian artistic tradition.

The exhibition will open on January 30, 2023, at 4:30 pm and will remain open until next February 9.

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