The Historic Center of Florence

Sep 26, 2019 399

To be in Florence is to experience a magical city that is as ancient as it is modern. Around the block from designer boutiques, visitors can see the birthplace of Dante Alighieri. Then, after eating a delicious gelato, one can stroll the Ponte Vecchio and imagine all the things that have transpired in the city so famous for its art and beauty. The historic center of Florence is perfect for walking on foot, whether for sightseeing or just being in one of the most marvelous places on Earth.

Florence was built on the site of an ancient Etruscan settlement and over the centuries has become the symbol of the Renaissance. The city rose to cultural and economic power during the 15th and the 16th centuries, during the rule of the Medici. The historic center of Florence was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO and attracts millions of tourists each year, all eager to experience the glory that is Firenze.

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