Genoa celebrates the world's longest focaccia

Apr 16, 2023 1474

About 350 meters in length by one ton in weight and more than 15 thousand portions to be distributed for free: these are the numbers of the world's longest focaccia, produced by 14 bakers of the Genoa Bakers Association on Saturday, April 15 in the streets of the center of the Ligurian capital.

In front of the Ducal Palace there was the official "proclamation" and then the free distribution to citizens and tourists began. All the focaccia not distributed during the day was donated to charity to Caritas of Genoa so it would not go to waste.

Gino Petrucco, the president Genoese Bakers Association, said, "14 bakers who did not sleep but the result is very nice, valid for us it is an honor to participate in this initiative. Over 350 meters of focaccia, we lost count of the number of pans. To make it well it is important to have very good raw materials such as flour then water salt and good oil strictly extra virgin olive oil without forgetting the wisdom and manual skills of us bakers. This is the focaccia that has been registered with the trademark for over 25 years that observes a precise specification in order to make it well. Coming to Genoa without tasting focaccia is a crime; it is a highlight for our economy and for the city. Focaccia has made us known and appreciated all over the world.

The cost of raw materials has doubled and having to keep prices down has been very difficult, but then again, you can't overdo it. Of course the adjustments were there otherwise we could not have gone on after Covid, it was very difficult and it continues to be difficult."

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