Franciacorta Battles the Status Quo

May 11, 2022 239

BY: Tom Hyland

From the first bottle produced in 1961, Franciacorta has brought a great deal of attention to the sparkling wine industry in Italy. Prosecco may be better known, and particular producers of Trento DOC in Trentino and Alta Langa in Piedmont have earned plaudits from numerous critics, but Franciacorta today remains the focal point for the country's bubblies. Yet, outside of Italy, Franciacorta has not met with the type of sales one might expect for such a renowned product.

Franciacorta is the name of the wine as well as the specific production method and the territory where it is produced in east central Lombardy a bit southeast of Bergamo and slightly northwest of Brescia. Although not as cool as other zones where sparkling wines are produced in Italy, Franciacorta's proximity to Lake Iseo helps moderate temperatures, providing necessary acidity and structure for top notch sparkling wines.

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