Focaccia Barese, the taste and flavour of Puglia

Jan 17, 2022 250

A delicious appetiser, a wonderful mid-morning snack, a tasty aperitif before dinner: this is Focaccia Barese, the queen of Bari's street food, in the southern region of Puglia. The focaccia is never missing from the table. At any time of day, in any part of the city, you will always find someone eating a steaming, fragrant, soft and at the same time crunchy piece of focaccia. Enjoy it with us! 

Bari focaccia is one of the versions of focaccia that can be found all over Italy. You can find it in all the bakeries in Bari and its province, but it is worth mentioning at least the oldest, the Fiore bakery, a stone's throw from the Basilica of San Nicola. In 2019 it won the award for the best focaccia in Italy, as decreed by FICO Eatalyworld, the famous food theme park in Bologna.

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