Florence's Giardino dei Semplici re-opens its doors for spring

Apr 18, 2014 1142

Florence's public Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico), located in the Museum of Natural History of Florence, closed since September of last year after a period of hydreogeological instability, recently re-opened its gates (April 1). Similarly to those in Pisa and Padua, the Tuscan Capital's botanical garden, noted as a garden of Semplici or simple medicinal plants, is one of the world's oldest (1545).

For the entire month of April, vistiors can admire the colors and fragrances of the garden for just 3 Euro, taking the occasion to admire the singular Doryanthes palmeri bloom; otherwise known as the Giant Spear Lily, a species from Austrlia, the plant is the oldest of its kind in Italy. The Lily blooms during cool evenings, and when it does, it can reach up to reach up to 5 m or 16 ft in length.

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Source: http://www.italia.it/

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