Flashmob to celebrate 200th anniversary of Leopardi's Infinito

May 27, 2019 390

The Marche city of Recanati is gearing up to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Giacomo Leopardi's most famous poem L'Infinito (The Infinite) in 2019. To celebrate one of Italy's most well-known and beloved poems, one of the poet's descendants, Countess Olimpia Leopardi, has organized, together with Education Minister Marco Bussetti, a flash mob of students from all over Italy who will recite the poem together on May 28, at 11:30 am.

"I though it was the right thing to organize the initiative in the little piazza of Sabato del Villaggio" (Saturday in the Village), the setting of another famous Leopardi poem where Palazzo Leopardi is located, "connecting it symbolically to all Italian squares to transform them from places in which people ignore or bump into each other to a space of spiritual communion to celebrate beauty and build together a future 'beyond the hedge"', Olimpia Leopardi told ANSA, quoting a passage from L'Infinito.

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it

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