Five Italian Ghost Towns to Visit this November

Nov 09, 2021 212

BY: Silvia Donati

November in Italy begins with the religious festivities dedicated to Saints and the Dead; the days get shorter, the temperatures colder and the fog often covers valleys, forests and cities. A somewhat spooky atmosphere ensues, enhanced by rainy or gloomy autumn days, an ideal atmosphere to go exploring mysterious, ghostly places, at times abandoned and where, according to legends, ghosts still live.

Curon Venosta, Alto Adige
Inevitably abandoned after it was submerged by the waters of Lake Resia as an hydroelectric power plant was built in 1950, Curon Venosta in Alto Adige was completely erased, with the exception of its bell tower, which still emerges from the waters of the lake. The place feels uncanny and fascinating at the same time. Visiting the village in November makes it even more so. Today, only a handful of houses remain in Curon Venosta, in the new part of town. A fantasy TV series called Curon is set in the village.  

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