Fiat-Chrysler Savior Sergio Marchionne Honored With World Car Person Of Year Award

Apr 04, 2019 599

BY: Peter Lyon

In Italy, no, the world, he had rock star status. Wearing his signature sweater, he would swoon presidents and popes. Sergio Marchionne was a visionary who saved Fiat and Chrysler, created the world’s 7th largest auto group, reintroduced Alfa Romeo back into the U.S., and brought the brand back into F1. And, in a private ceremony at the Geneva Motor Show this month, the former FCA CEO was honored with the World Car Person of the Year award, a trophy accepted by new CEO Michael Manley, former head of Fiat Chrysler’s North American operations.

In early July last year, the Italian-born Canadian Marchionne was hospitalized for a shoulder operation, but within a short time, his condition deteriorated and the 66-year old CEO passed away in Switzerland on July 25 sending shockwaves around the world. Now, of course when we speak of the the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, we are in essence talking not only of those two major brands but also of Jeep, Dodge, Maserati, Lancia, Abarth and Alfa Romeo. This is the group that Marchionne had vision to create.

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