A fascist “Rocky” in “Harlem”: the most censored work of Italian cinema

Feb 28, 2022 410

BY: Gonzalo Sanchez

The most censored film in Italian cinema is titled “Harlem” (1943) and it was a fascist propaganda work about an Italian boxer who defeats a black rival. The tape was cut when Mussolini’s regime ended, but eight decades later it has been recovered to reveal the rhetoric that hammered Italians with the illusion of racial superiority.

The film, which is being screened today in its full version, is scrutinized by documentary filmmaker Luca Martera in his book “Harlem: il film più censoto di semper” (Ed. La Nave di Teseo), incidentally providing more information on the propaganda in the cinema of Italian Fascism.

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SOURCE: https://www.usmediapress.com

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