Fabiola Gianotti: woman with the key to the secrets of the universe

Jan 04, 2016 766

by Robin McKie

This year's announcement that future documents published by Cern, the world's greatest particle physics laboratory, would appear in Comic Sans, a much-derided typeface designed for children, was unexpected. Using a type created for comic books to unveil complex scientific discoveries seemed akin to publishing papal decrees on Post-it notes.

Yet the edict came with the imprimatur of Fabiola Gianotti, one of the Geneva-based particle physics laboratory's most distinguished scientists. The 52-year-old physicist, it transpired, had a fondness for the jaunty script,although it is loathed by publishers, journalists and typographers. Gianotti even uses it in slides for her presentations, including one in which she revealed, in 2012, that she and her colleagues at Cern had discovered the Higgs boson.

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Source: http://www.theguardian.com/

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