Expo Milano 2015 greatly helped agribusiness penetration in foreign markets

Jan 26, 2016 947

by Roberto Iotti

The six months of Expo Milano 2015 dedicated to sustainable agriculture with its 20 million visitors helped push the agribusiness trade balance to a new record in November, so much so that the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies said that the goal of €50 billion in exports by 2020 is increasingly within reach.

Based on the analysis of Istat data, agricultural lobby group Coldiretti explained that "exports grew by 9%, pushing foreign sales of made in Italy towards €36 billion for the year of 2015 (+7%). The demand for Italian products abroad saw an 11% increase in fruits and vegetables: a 10% increase in demand for olive oil, +9% for pasta, +6% for wine, which set an historical record with a preliminary annual report of €5.4 billion in turnovers abroad."

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Fonte: Italy24


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