Dreaming of la Dolce Vita? Here Are 7 Sumptuous Private Art Collections You Can Visit Next Time You’re in Italy

Sep 02, 2022 159

BY: Katie White

The Medicis, the Borghese, the Barberini—these are but a few of the famous Italian collecting families with sagas and intrigues so impressive we still repeat their names today (their lives could fill seasons of streaming series).

Indeed, the fruitful and at times fraught relationships between patrons and painters have flourished in Italy perhaps more vividly than anywhere else on earth. From Piedmont to Palermo, the testaments to these collectors’ ambitions fill museums, churches, and historic homes from across the centuries. And patronage is far from a forgotten art, with new generations of industrialists and entrepreneurs taking the helm.  

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SOURCE: https://news.artnet.com

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