The ‘Divine Comedy’ gets a new movie adaptation that will soon be screening online

Mar 24, 2021 503

BY: Jules Vivas

An allegory of human life exhibited in a visionary trip through Christian afterlife, the Divine Comedy was written to steer a corrupt society into the path righteousness. Dante is guided by Roman poet Virgil through hell (Inferno) and purgatory (Purgatorio), and later by his love Beatrice through heaven, in this long narrative poem regarded as one of the greatest pieces of literature known to man.

And since there was no Twitter or social media in the late-13th century, #LaDivinaComedia was Dante’s way of exposing the politics and power struggle of Florence at the time. This 14,233-lined poem was a reflection of the political crisis that affected all of Italy, and most of Europe, from the 12th to 14th century—the scuffle between state and church for temporal authority.

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