A Devastating Drought Just Revealed A Sunken World War II Shipwreck In Italy’s Largest River

Jun 22, 2022 438

BY: Kaleena Fraga

A terrible drought in Italy has revealed a relic lost by history — a barge that sank in Italy’s Po River during World War II. “In recent years you could see the bow of the boat, so we knew it was there, but to see the vessel so exposed in March, when it was essentially still winter, was very dramatic,” Alessio Bonin, an amateur photographer who took pictures of the barge, told The Guardian.

Another passerby agreed. Raffaele Vezzali, a cyclist, stopped his bike ride along the river to peer at the ship. He told the Associated Press: “It’s the first time that we can see this barge.” According to The Guardian, the barge, a WWII cargo ship called the Zibello, once traversed the Po River to transport wood between the Atlantic Ocean and Cremona in Lombardy. It sank in 1943 following a bombardment by American forces, where it’s been submerged ever since.

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SOURCE: https://allthatsinteresting.com

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