Despite protests, Expo 2015 a potential diplomatic setting

May 02, 2015 748

By Colleen Barry

The Expo 2015 world's fair showed potential as a backdrop for serious diplomacy as it opened Friday for a six-month run, even as it also served as a lightning rod for anti-globalization protests. North Korea stepped out of its isolation as a last-minute participant, and there are signs that Turkey may use the occasion to reach out to the Vatican weeks after it recalled its ambassador to the Holy See over the pope describing the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide.

With food as the theme of this year's event, culinary delights from host Italy and beyond will be one of the main draws for the fair's hoped-for 20 million visitors. But the Milan Expo already had greater ambitions, with the Italian government backing a process to create a document of solutions to fight hunger and food waste, among other goals.

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