Dear Albertone: How comedic actor Alberto Sordi represented not just Romans, but all Italians

Feb 13, 2023 384

BY: Luca Secondino

Dear Albertone, 

The sound of laughter, the way one’s eyes move, but also those hand gestures that are worth more than a thousand words: it takes little to feel at home. These are all unmistakable elements that belong to us and that we find in everyday life, because maybe they characterize an uncle, a neighbor or that guy who is yelling in traffic. But there’s only one actor who enclosed all of these mannerisms–of the everyday Roman–on the big screen, and for this Alberto Sordi is one of the family. 

You don’t know how much you made us laugh, dear Alberto, but you also don’t know how much you did us good. You always brought us back home, and I’m not just saying that as a Roman, but also as an Italian.

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