Curiosity about the Dolomites, the majestic wealth of Trentino

Sep 14, 2022 250

BY: Noemi Curti

The Dolomites, the most famous mountain group in the Alps, represent a natural wealth appreciated all over the world. Thanks to their unparalleled beauty, they received in 2009 the award of World Heritage issued byUnesco. Although very famous, there are some interesting facts about the Dolomites , which you may not know yet.

The history of the name “Dolomites”
Today we know them with the name of Dolomiti but it is a fairly recent denomination: until the ’30s of 1800, this mountain group was known as “Pale Mountains”, because of its candid color. The term “Dolomiti” appeared for the first time in 1837 in an English newspaper as a tribute to the first naturalist who studied this particular type of rock, the French Déodat de Dolomieu. Still in his honor, the rock of these mountains is now called “dolomia“.

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