Contemplating Neapolitan Pizza

Oct 22, 2021 234

BY: Alessandra Tibollo

It’s no secret that pizza is the national dish of Italy and Naples is the pizza capital. And when it comes to pizza, the bar just keeps getting higher. It all began with some ambitious pizzaioli who started a pizza revolution, and three of the most esteemed are Enzo Coccia, Ciro Salvo, and Gino Sorbillo. Here are their thoughts on their craft.

Enzo Coccia: The Four Pillars of Pizza

According to Enzo Coccia, the owner of the two locations of Pizzaria La Notizia, "Leavening, products, knowledge, and human resources" are the four pillars on which the Neapolitan pizza revolution is built. “Pizzaioli are born in the shop and not at school, but they must be taught not only the trade but also respect for the raw material. Product selection, first of all, but also the best way to treat it. It’s useless to spend more on a packet of San Marzano if I then leave it next to the oven to go bad."

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