Claudia Lamanna, the most talented harpist in the world

Apr 13, 2022 382

Claudia Lucia Lamanna is an Italian harpist who triumphed at the International Harp Contest - one of the oldest and most famous musical competitions in the world - where she won the title of the world's best harpist. Let's find out what we have to say about the young and talented musician, about her extraordinary successes (such as the degree she obtained at only 17 years of age) and her love for her instrument.

Born in 1996 and originally from Noci, in Puglia, Claudia Lucia Lamanna is an internationally renowned harpist and was also the youngest graduate in Italy when, thanks to her extraordinary rigor and prodigious talent, she graduated with honors at the age of 15 from the Conservatory of Music "Nino Rota" in Monopoli and, at only 17, she obtained her Second Level Degree with a score of 110 cum laude and Honorable Mention.

Claudia has subsequently perfected her studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She finally completed the Advanced Diploma in Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London and was selected for the prestigious Bicentenary Scholarship. Her musical talent has earned her numerous prizes and awards: among them the Fifth Prize at the prestigious 10th USA International Harp Competition in Bloomington and the Zaniboni Prize (among many others). In 2022 she triumphed at the International Harp Contest. Claudia Lucia Lamanna has also released her first album Claudia Lucia Lamanna (The Royal Academy of Music Bicentenary Scholarship Series).

Her passion for the harp blossomed when she was 9 years old, and she herself confessed that she considers this instrument much more "pop" than people think. "The harp is an extension of my body and I never thought of it as angelic and ethereal. To me it's powerful, much more pop than people think," she said.

With her triumph at the International Harp Contest, the oldest and most prestigious harp competition in the world, she was presented with a harp worth $55,000.

Claudia mostly uses Instagram to share details and behind-the-scenes stories about her career.

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