Centuripe, what to see in the amazing human-shaped village in Sicily

May 20, 2024 161

In Italy there are some villages that are truly one of a kind, capable of capturing the curiosity of tourists from all over the world. Many of them are famous for their history, others for their specialties of excellent food, wines and crafts, but some are truly noteworthy above all for their particular…profile. This is the case of Centuripe.

Centuripe is especially famous for its particular appearance from above, a shape that immediately catches the eye, resembling the silhouette of a man. But is also and above all an important archaeological place, rich in ancient history to be told through artifacts and architectural remains. Set off with us and find out what to see in Centuripe, the amazing human-shaped village in Sicily!

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SOURCE: https://www.visititaly.eu/

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