Celebrating the 243rd Anniversary of American Independence

Jul 03, 2019 312

BY: US Consulate General Florence

Every July 4, Americans around the globe celebrate in grand style the anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence. On that date 243 years ago, 56 brave men from 13 American colonies took the bold step, which, as Abraham Lincoln put it 87 years later, “brought forth…a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.

Not every one of the last 243 years has been easy. But we have persevered and thrived. Although we are commemorating something momentous, the launch of a bloody struggle for liberty, for Americans the Fourth of July is also a joyous party. It is a day to enjoy yourself picnicking with family, friends and neighbors and, of course, watching fireworks. And it’s always been that way. 

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